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NLCU Fresh Fish Award Shortlist Profile Series: Liz Solo

On Thursday, November 23, the winner of the 2017 Newfoundland and Labrador Credit Union Fresh Fish Award will be announced. This week, we’re profiling the three talented WANL members who made the award’s shortlist.

Meet Liz Solo!

Photo by Jared Reid

Tell us about yourself and the type of writing you do, or that interests you.
I am a performance and media artist, activist and musician. My early career was about songwriting and creating scripts for the theatre stage. I started writing fiction seriously about fifteen years ago and my favourite playgrounds are science fiction, speculative fiction, the near future, and alternate realities. I’m a sucker for a fairy tale.

When did you start writing?
Writing has been a lifelong habit. As a kid it was journals, terrible poetry and the like. I recall setting up a writing office in the basement when I was six or seven.

What inspires your writing and keeps you motivated?
Revenge. And with that comes a desire to contribute to the envisioning of a more humane world.

How do you recharge your creative batteries?
Often I’ll switch disciplines. To write I really need to be in the zone. So it will overtake me for weeks or months at a time and then I will need to move to performance or music or media for a while.

Are there people and activities that have helped you advance your writing?
The single most useful thing has been feedback from other writers – through dramaturgy, small writers’ groups, written comments from adjudicators, informal chats.

Any advice or recommendations for future submitters to Fresh Fish?
It’s worth the risk to put your work out there. Even the act of submitting a full-length manuscript is an accomplishment.