Member’s Directory page

On our Member’s Directory page you will be able to include

(1) a small jpeg photo
(2) a 300-word bio
(3) your name
(4) location (city/town)

If you are interested, please respond to with the above information.

Once your information is received, it will be placed on the Member’s Directory page and you will subsequently be sent a password

and log in instructions with details on how to access and edit your information.

Once you have received your member-specific password and log-in instructions, you will be able to log in to change the password
to something easier to remember and change your username.

Should any new information arise, such as new e-mail address, location, etc, you will be able to access your information to update it as need be.

For those of you who have already submitted information, please look out for an e-mail with log in details and instructions sent to your inbox next week.