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Beth Downey

Beth Downey is an emerging writer of poetry and fiction, with the occasional foray into performance forms–and she is never to be caught with fewer than four pots on the stove at once!

Born to a Newfoundland family and raised in rural Manitoba, Beth has been involved in projects that span the country. Since 2014, she has completed undergraduate work in English, Music and Theology (CMU, Winnipeg), written texts for choral performance realized in Vancouver and Winnipeg–in the latter case, composing the music as well–and taken the plunge into graduate studies. Currently she is at MUN writing many things, including an MA thesis on Michael Crummey’s 2009 novel Galore.* With a novella in the end stages of drafting and several poems under review by literary journals, Beth is also preparing to launch her first stage play, commissioned by Fox&Badger Productions for the Winnipeg Fringe Festival 2019.**

When not at school or working on her own material, Beth writes and edits freelance. As an editor she has partnered with writers from coast to coast, most recently including The Goulds author Terry Doyle, whose short story collection Dig is forthcoming from Breakwater Books Ltd.

*This project made possible in part by a grant from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRCC).

**Beth’s play, as yet untitled, is about the usual fairy tale things: wandering into the deep dark woods, mythical beasts, parallel worlds. But most of all it’s about assumptions, and one girl’s journey from cultural alienation and illiteracy to personal awakening. If all goes well, Beth hopes to bring the show to St John’s. Stay tuned!