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Dawn Evans

Dawn Evans is a multi-passionate mom of two living in CBS, NL. She is a nature/ portrait photographer, poet and tax professional.

She has a business administration diploma specializing in accounting from CNA and has worked in many aspects of the financial industry since graduating in 2009 with a focus on personal and small business income tax for the last 8 years. She has learned a tremendous amount about overcoming limiting beliefs and re-writing poor financial habits while paying down a significant amount of debt, navigating divorce and ultimately building a home and the flexible, freelance career she always wanted, Her personal experience and education along with the wonderful conversations her work has allowed her, has given a special insight into the issues many people have around personal finance and how to successfully move past them. In 2021 she started a blog to share some of her insights and knowledge on an array of topics related to making your money habits and decisions align with your values and goals to create a life you love. Her blog can be found at Dawn Evans – Growth, Money, Dreams and she is currently working on her first book around the same topic.

Dawn is passionate about personal growth and understanding why we do the things we do. She uses poetry as a tool to work through hard emotions and has learned a tremendous amount about herself through that style of writing. Her poetry can be viewed at Dawn Evans | Vocal