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Jean Young

Jean Young, B.A., C.F.P, a.k.a. Deborah Hedd, lives, works, writes and plays in Deer Lake, Newfoundland. She pursues her goals to live a creative, vibrant life through her work as a Chartered Financial Planner, as a volunteer, and, of course, as a writer, researcher and editor of topics as varied as sci-fi – her first published story was about a cross between a carrot and a dog: a carog – to financial planning ideas and everything in between. Her publication credits include the novel “Quicksilver Summer”, the historical fiction, “Pathways Through the Ages”, short stories, e-zine poetry, and nonfiction articles (examples: An annual review in the DownHomer and an article in Liquor Express.) She has been on the Editing/Formatting Committees for several Page One Anthologies. The last ones, “Handbook for Making Your Golden Years Golden” tells how to have an interesting life past the age of 50 and “Thursday 13th”, a collection of prose and poetry about strange events in the lives of ordinary people are our latest ventures and we are now gathering material for our 30 Year Anniversary Digest!

D. Jean Young has placed third and earned an honourable mention for scripts in Newfoundland Arts and Letters competitions. She participates in local, provincial and national writers’ associations: Page One, WANL and TWUC. She has read and/or led workshops in every province besides Quebec and enjoys meeting and writing with people of all ages. Throw her a challenge, and although she cannot catch a ball, she will run with opportunities. Check out her web site