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Michelle Myrick

Anne Michelle Myrick Olsen (the AMMO part of AMMO Artworks) was born and raised at Cape Pine Lighthouse and St. Shotts on the Southern Avalon of Newfoundland. Being the daughter of a lighthouse keeper, and with six generations of Myrick keepers behind her, helping guide others is something that comes naturally. As a creative, she uses a variety of means to share relatable lessons learned from her life’s journey in an effort to help guide others along theirs.

Michelle is a singer/songwriter, visual artist, author, and teacher. Her work embodies an awareness that personal transformation can be achieved through increasing one’s sense of self-worth. This philosophy, as well as a strong conviction that art should inspire rather than impress, is interwoven and infused into her non-fictional writings, inspirational art pieces, original songs, and creative-based programs and courses. Through her work, she encourages others to “ammo-up” against adversities by breaking down mental barriers, and meeting life’s challenges with an unwavering belief in their deservedness and ability to achieve happiness and success.

For Michelle, the road to becoming an author was paved with brushes and acrylic paints. A professional performer for 35+ years, Michelle began a prolific career as a visual artist in 2017 selling almost 100 of her original pieces before year end. Early in 2018 she took another significant creative leap by deciding to paint her original songs. She presents these songs and paintings in a live performance called the “Song Series” – an inspirational and moving show which continues to garner impressive reviews and international media attention.

It is the “Song Series” and the advice of those audiences, that led Michelle to stretch her creative muscles even further in August 2019 by self-publishing and releasing both a memoir: “Stepping Stones – From Self-doubt to Self-Belief: Finding Meaning and Purpose For Your Life”, and an accompanying full-length album of original songs: “Songs from the Song Series”. In her book, she uses her songs as a framework to share an inspirational story of tragic loss, undying love, self-sabotage, and triumph over self-doubt.

Audiences and readers, as well as music and art collectors claim they experience hope and inspiration within Michelle’s work. Her book and cd are currently selling internationally, and her paintings can be found in collections in Norway, Denmark, UK, Abu Dhabi, Qatar, India, USA and Canada.

Michelle lives in Norway where she continues to create art, is working on her second book, and offers creative courses and workshops. For more information about her and her work, recent reviews and press coverage, you can find her at: or on social media @ammoartworks.