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Robert A. Badcock

Robert A. Badcock is living in St. John’s but grew up in the east end of Bay Roberts. He graduated from Memorial University with a Bachelor of Arts with a double major in English and History, and a minor in Russian Language and Literature. (The only phrase he can remember in Russian is, “Яа не могу говорит по Русски,” which translates to, “I can’t speak Russian.”) He went on to do a Bachelor of Education at Memorial specializing in English Language Arts, Social Studies, and Technology Education.

Robert is currently working on his Master of Arts in English at Memorial with a focus on creative writing. He has worked on a few short stories, a couple of podcasts, a play, and a novella. One day he hopes to pick away at a few of those unfinished projects, but in the meantime, he is working on a historical fiction radio play inspired by the life of his great-grandfather.

Robert is also a Marvel Comics enthusiast, who enjoys drawing, painting, woodworking, and using the Oxford comma when others don’t want him to use it.