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Sarah-Dena Harnum

I am a 52 year old woman, I am an emerging poet and writer who began my creative journey last year with the introduction of my blog, My early years were spent in New Harbour, Trinity Bay, till the age of 20. I moved to St. John’s, in 1987, to pursue education and later work in Hotel Management, Tourism and Food Service.

In 1995, I moved back to my hometown and married, raised a family and joined the Canadian Forces Reserves as a Naval Officer.  After a divorce a few years ago, I came out as more than straight.  Last year, in 2018, I emerged into myself as a transgender woman and began my journey to authenticity.  This year I moved back to St John’s, where I work full time and attend Memorial University. I study Sociology and psychology with an aim to achieve a Masters in Counseling.

My preferred poetic style is open and free form, where each reader gets a different mental image and impression of the work. I have more than 50 poems written at the time of this posting. I also enjoy writing short stories and flash fiction.  I have two short books written, at the time of this submission, and am in search of a publisher.

From a state of lifelong learning, I constantly seek to learn and grow as a writer, and as a person.