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Sheldon Crocker

Sheldon grew up in a small community of 300 during the 70s/80s. One there with a physical disability; Arthrogryposis. Doctors thought he would never walk on his own.  Years later, he completed the Tely10, a 10 -mile road race ahead of 29 others. He says there was never anything really “ordinary” about his life.

A graduate of Business Management at Keyin College with over an 80% overall average. It was during his life when he slept on park benches and ate sidewalk donuts. He collaborated on and wrote a book, (STANDING UP TO STIGMA – A collection of stories to  ENCOURAGE  and INSPIRE POSITIVE Change.) He won the Human Relations Award during his Dale Carnegie training.

He is an Inspirational Author and Keynote Speaker, he writes and delivers informative and engaging speeches to live audiences, both in-person and online. He believes his job is to impart inspiring stories to his audiences to help them develop self-esteem in overcoming obstacles engagingly and innovatively.

He is responsible for conducting pre-speech research, writing and outlining speech scripts, and with the move to online meetings, delivering high-quality speeches to audiences across the world.
His presentations cover the techniques and stories that business leaders, professionals, educators, and young people can use to redefine possibly their own lives and careers.

Sheldon is passionate, compassionate, empathetic and humble with personal lived experiences of actually dealing with the issues he talks and writes about. His message is unique, inspiring and has helped people take a more in-depth look inside and convince themselves that good things come to those who work at it. Sheldon is currently the Director of Social Media with the Positive Thinkers Club here in the city. His latest accomplishment is he can now call himself a Published Author of a book entitled ‘KEEP on Walkin’ – Journey FROM Disability TO dis-ABILITY’. He recently gave his first online presentation to a group of 102 managers in another province. He speaks out to help make the difference in someone’s life that he wishes had been made in his when he was young. He says he’s eager and inspired to take on any challenge and that he‘s been interested in public speaking and sharing his inspirational stories since he succeeded in stopping his addictions 20 years ago and I feel I can help others overcome their addictions as well.

He started talking in public about overcoming his life obstacles three years ago. Saying “I felt like I was without a voice, too afraid to share my stories for most of my life. Now I’m someone who wants to share with the world, who hopes to speak out about mental health or disabilities so much that one day, it will be wholly unremarkable for any of us to stand up and say fifteen simple but powerful words: “My name is ______ _______, I’ve lived with mental illness, (or disability; depending on my audience), and I am not ashamed.” He is a model in the final MerB’y calendar and documentary that has been seen around the world raising money for charities.  Been featured in various tv interviews including a countrywide one on CBC Radio discussing The FB group Neighbours In Need-Newfoundland.

His message “If I CAN, which I HAVE and ALWAYS WILL, overcome obstacles to create a better life for myself, SO CAN YOU!” I don’t allow myself to be disabled; instead, I have dis-ABILITY to adventure outside my comfort zone—dis-ABILITY to overcome obstacles. Journey FROM Disability TO dis-ABILITY – From Servitude to Serenity HOW GREAT IT IS!