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Episode 6: The Hepditch Method

This episode of Inkpod Podcast features popular new writer Emily Hepditch, author of award-winning debut novel “The Woman In The Attic,” published by Flanker Press Ltd. Hepditch’s second novel, “Alone on the Trail,” was released just this past April, and… Read More

Episode 5: Saving Our Stories

In this episode, Dr. Vicki Hallett describes her research into largely forgotten Newfoundland and Labrador poet Phebe Florence Miller, and what Miller’s obscurity reveals about systemic oppression. Discussion includes the role gender plays in historical memory, how systemic biases propagate… Read More

Episode 4: Co-writing and COVID

Must writing be a solo endeavour? In this episode, author and concert artist Tonia Evans Cianciulli talks about co-writing with her grandfather, and persisting as an artist during a global pandemic. She discusses the mechanics of co-writing, the artist’s anxiety,… Read More