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Mentorship Program for Emerging Writers

WANL Mentorship Program 2022: Call for Mentor Submissions!

(April 18, 2022) – The Writers’ Alliance of Newfoundland & Labrador (WANL) is now accepting mentor applications from individuals interested in its 2022 Mentorship Program for Emerging Writers.  

The WANL Emerging Writers Mentorship program is designed to serve the needs of emerging Newfoundland and Labrador writers who are committed to the development of their writing. It is aimed at writers who are on the cusp of professional publication and who have a substantial work-in-progress.

“The Mentorship Program for Emerging Writers is one of WANL’s flagship offerings,” WANL President Ainsley Hathorn shares.
“In 2022, with generous funding from the Canada Council for the Arts and after a thorough review of the program by a committee of dedicated volunteers, we’re pleased to be piloting a new approach to selecting mentors and apprentices for this opportunity. We encourage all members to have a look at the updated program guidelines, and we look forward to providing a revitalized version of this popular program in the years to come.”

The Mentorship Program for Emerging Writers program is made available through generous funding by the Canada Council for the Arts.

To facilitate this program, WANL will accept applications in two rounds for two positions: mentors and apprentices.  

The mentor position is for writers with a history of publication and a commitment to the craft of writing. The deadline for Mentor submission is Friday, May 20th at 5 p.m. NST.

An assembled committee will select four mentors for the 2022 Mentorship Program. WANL will announce the four available mentors with a dedicated program page on our website which will include:

• The genre(s) the Mentor is both qualified and willing to work in;

• a short, selected record of publications and awards relevant to the mentorship genres listed above;

• a Mentorship Philosophy Statement;

• any voluntary self-identification (regarding cultural community, sexual orientation, gender, disability) that the Mentor would like to share with potential applicants to the program.

Responsibilities & Remuneration    

• Mentors are expected to contribute 25 hours of one-on-one conferencing, either in person or online—as appropriate;

• 25 hours of reading/prep work over the course of the 5-month membership (Please note: This ratio is flexible and should be adapted to accommodate the needs of individual pairings. Depending on geographical location, some mentorships may be conducted virtually).  

• Mentors will be paid a total of $2,500, spread over two equal installments — one at the beginning and one at the end of the mentorship.

Who can apply as a Mentor? 

• Any WANL member in good standing;
• who has previous mentorship or teaching experience, in either an official or unofficial capacity;
• who did not participate in the program in 2020-21;
• and who qualifies as a “professional artist” according to the criteria laid out in the provincial Status of the Artist Act;

Definition of Professional artist:

        5. A person shall be considered to be a professional artist for the purpose of this Act if that person satisfies 4 of the following criteria, including at least one of the criteria referred to in paragraphs (a) to (c): 
             (a)  the person receives or has received compensation which can be included in professional or business income; 
             (b)  the person has a record of income or loss relevant to the history of his or her work and appropriate to the span of his or her artistic career;
           (c)  the person has received public or peer recognition by publicly disseminated critical reviews or appraisals or by similar means; 
            (d)  the person has presented his or her work to the public by means of exhibitions, publications, screenings, performances, readings or by other means appropriate to the nature of his or her work; 
             (e)  the person is represented by a dealer, publisher, agent or similar professional representative appropriate to the nature of his or her work; 
             (f)  the person devotes a reasonable proportion of his or her professional time to promoting or marketing of his or her work; 
             (g)  the person 
                      (i)  has received professional training in an educational institution from a practitioner recognized in his or her profession, or 
                     (ii)  is self-taught within the established practices of the person’s cultural traditions; 
             (h)  the person has membership in a professional association, appropriate to his or her artistic activity, 
                      (i)  whose membership is or categories of membership are limited under standards of the association, or 
                     (ii)  which is a trade union or equivalent appropriate to his or her artistic activity; and
(i)  the person holds copyright in his or her own work and has received royalty or residual payment based on that copyright.

How to apply:

Send your submission in a .doc or .pdf file to by 5:00 p.m. by the deadine of Friday, May 20th at 5 p.m.
Late submissions will not be accepted. Ineligible and/or incomplete submissions will not be returned.
For a mentor position, please submit the following:
• Your C.V., including publication credits;
• A cover letter stating your mentoring or teaching philosophy and any previous mentorship experience;

• Genre(s) you are interested in mentoring.

Who can apply as an apprentice? 

The apprentice position is for writers who have a substantial work-in-progress and who are committed to the creative development of their writing.

• WANL members in good standing with a substantial work-in-progress in any genre
• Individuals prepared for a disciplined, focused period of work during which writing is a priority
• Individuals who did not participate in this program in the previous year.
• Individuals 19 years and older

Selections Process   

WANL publicises a call for Apprentices for the coming year’s program when the mentors are announced. In addition to the usual submission requirements, applicants also list their first, second, third, and fourth choices of Mentor from the listing on the WANL website. If they have no particular preference, they can elect to have the selection committee assign a pairing.

The committee will then match mentors and apprentices, to work on a one-to-one basis over an intensive five-month period. Decisions for the mentor application will be made on the basis of the best-suited match between the apprentice and the mentor.

The Writers’ Alliance of Newfoundland and Labrador is committed to greater inclusion of traditionally marginalized communities. In an effort to encourage the development of a more diverse writing community, we strongly encourage applications to the Mentorship Program from all members of Indigenous communities, members of culturally diverse groups, members of disabled communities, and members of official language minorities, whether or not they are current members of the Writers’ Alliance.

Previous Mentorship Pairings

The WANL Emerging Writers Mentorship program is designed to serve the needs of emerging Newfoundland and Labrador writers who are committed to the development of their writing.
It is aimed at writers who are on the cusp of professional publication and who have a substantial work-in-progress. Emphasis is on producing a work ready for the marketplace.

2020 Mentorship Participants
Vanessa Cardoso-Whelan mentored by Sharon King-Campbell
Tia McLennan mentored by Mark Callanan
Joe Mitchell mentored by Heather Nolan
Hannah Jenkins mentored by Michelle Porter

2019 Mentorship Participants
Emily Hepditch mentored by Alexis Koetting
Marie Pike mentored by Sara Tilley
Rob McDonald mentored by Helen Escott
Robert Badcock mentored by Paul Butler 

2018 Mentorship Participants
Angela Antle mentored by Trudy Morgan-Cole
Penelope Hansen mentored by Jamie Fitzpatrick
Shelly Kawaja mentored by Charis Cotter
Jennifer McVeigh mentored by Larry Mathews
Monica Walsh mentored by Andy Jones

2017 Mentorship Participants
Diane Carley mentored by Megan Gail Coles
Terry Doyle mentored by Ed Kavanagh
Allie Duff mentored by Agnes Walsh
Sarah Bennett mentored by Marjorie Doyle

2016 Mentorship Participants
Sasha Boczkowski mentored by Leslie Vryenhoek
Lee Burton mentored by Paul Butler
Chloe Edbrooke mentored by Claire Wilkshire
David Benson mentored by Frank Holden

2015 Mentorship Participants
Bridget Canning mentored by Ed Kavanagh
Matthew Hollett mentored by Mark Callanan

2014 Mentorship ParticipantsGlenn Deir mentored by Ed Riche
Matthew Lewis mentored by Paul Bowdring
Heather Paul mentored by Annamarie Beckel
Niquae McIntosh mentored by Shoshanna Wingate

This program is generously supported by funding by the Canada Council for the Arts.